Why Choose Bad Credit Mobile Phones

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Did you know that bad credit can wreak havoc on your mobile phone applications? If you have a poor credit rating because of missed payments, defaults or especially ccjs, it will be very difficult to get approved for a phone contract. In this case, you may be better off to choose a bad credit mobile phones.

What are bad credit phones?

Bad credit phones are phone deals offered specifically for people with bad credit. If you’ve been refused a phone contract due to your poor credit history, this type of deals is for you. Like its name suggests, you can avail these phones without hitch because your credit score is not a factor when assessing your application.

Just like traditional phone contracts, bad credit phone deals offer a handset of your choice and a phone bundle covering your call, text and data needs. The contract lasts for 24 months.

Why choose a bad credit phone?

While a bit more expensive than the usual phone deals if you have good credit, bad credit mobiles continue to exist for its advantages. Here are some pros why a bad credit phone is actually a good choice:

Easy to avail

One of the best things about bad credit phones is the fact that it’s super easy to avail. All you need is an Internet connection and you’re ready to apply online. You just need to meet the requirements, which are typically pretty basic. You must be of legal age, that is 18 years old or above, and a UK resident to be eligible for a bad credit phone.

Fast processing

Bad credit phone providers also offer same day approval. Provided that you meet the basic requirements and you’re ready to provide the necessary documents, some providers can guarantee approval in 24 hours or less. You can then receive your phone in as fast as 24 to 48 hours. Handsets are usually shipped and delivered to your billing address.

No credit check

The best thing about bad credit phones is without a doubt the no credit check processing. No matter your credit score, you are welcome to apply for a bad credit phone. Most of often than not, approval is guaranteed. But there are just a couple of downsides. The handset selection may be limited and the fixed monthly fee higher than traditional phone contracts for people with bad credit.

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