What to Consider When Buying Your Smartphone

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Whether you’re looking for the best high end handset or the best cheap mobile phones available in the UK today, there are key considerations to keep in mind. Make sure you have these things covered before closing any phone deal. Otherwise, you may end up with a phone you won’t be completely satisfied with in the long run. Here are key factors to keep in mind and to help guide your buying decision:

Screen Size

Mobile phones continue to evolve year after year. Screen size, for example, is one of the most prominent factors that differentiate one handset from another. If you browse through handset choices, you’ll notice that there are three types of phones according to screen size. There are the smaller screens (4.5-4.9 inches), medium screens (5.0-5.2 inches) and large screens (5.3 onwards).

One of the first things you need to do when buying a smart phone is identify your preference. Are you more comfortable using compact and mini phones or would you rather have the phablet-style handsets?

Operating System

The operating system your phone is running on is another major consideration. There are three major OS available in the market today, which includes iOS from Apple, Android and Windows.

Apple’s iOS continues to be a top favourite among many users in the market and Apple’s iPhones are the only handsets running on said OS. In terms of performance, you can count on iOS for a smooth and seamless experience. iOS continues to undergo improvements and enhancements with the latest iOS 9 set to launch September 2015.

Android, on one hand, is not as restricted as iOS. This means that there are more apps available in the Android platform than what iOS can offer. Today, there are a wide array of Android OS available from Android Donut to Eclair, Jelly Bean and now Kitkat. If you’re not an iPhone fan, Android may be your best bet.

In an attempt to bring Microsoft’s computer OS to mobile phones, Microsoft came up wit the Windows OS for phones. Microsoft teamed up with Nokia offering the market another option other than iOS and Android. Windows 10 is the latest and upcoming OS from Microsoft. New and upcoming Nokia Lumia phones will be running on said OS.


At core of each handset is what we call the processor or CPU. This is what powers up your phone and what allows it to run apps and operate a wide ranges of mobile phone tasks. If you want to make the most of your investment, it’s important to investigate your phone’s process. Naturally, the faster the processor, the better the overall performance of the phone will be.


With handsets especially the high-end options getting better by the year, you’ll have a difficult time finding the best phone with the best camera. Camera on phones varies from handset to handset and quality depends on a range of different variables. Megapixels, for example, is one variable to look into. Another variable is the lens quality. Just remember that higher megapixels do not always transfer to the best image quality as some may think.

Battery Life

Of course, let’s not forget about battery life. If you’re the type who relies on your phone for most of your communication and browsing needs then finding a phone with a long battery life makes perfect sense. In general, the most common batteries you’ll find on today’s handsets start from 1,700mAh up to 3,500mAh. The longer the battery life, however, the more costly the phone will be so you better be prepared to pay the price if you want longer battery life.

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